Getting Started

We’re incredibly grateful that you’ve decided to join our community here at MMORPG.Social! By following this guide, you’ll quickly be interacting with MMO fans and online gaming enthusiasts from across the world.

If you’ve not done so already, the first step is to create an account. Simply head to our sign-up page, choose a username, fill in a few details, and that’s it! You’ll shortly receive an email asking to confirm your email address – please check your spam folders if it’s not immediately visible, or contact us directly if it doesn’t show up.

Once registered and logged in, it’s worth spending some time filling out your profile. Add an avatar pic, maybe a header image, and a little bit about yourself. As long as the files are less than 2MB in size, you can even use animated gifs. You can even link to other sites, such as your Warcraft Armory or FFXIV Lodestone page, using the profile meta-data table.

Now you’re ready to toot! You’ll probably see something similar to the layout below, with four columns visible on the screen. The first one is the most obvious – just type something in the box, hit TOOT, and you’re done!

One of the first things we encourage you to share is an #introduction. Write a little bit about yourself and what you’re playing, include the hashtag, and toot! It means that others with similar interests can find and follow you.

The Home column contains all the public toots from people you follow, plus any toots by others that they’ve boosted. You can use the arrow underneath a toot to reply to it, the double-arrow button to boost it, and the star button to favourite it.

The Notifications column contains details of all your toots that others have boosted or favourited. It also contains all the replies that have been made to your toots, and all the direct messages people have sent to you.

The final column works as a Getting Started menu, but some of the options are worth explaining.

  • Local Timeline displays toots (but not replies) from everyone on MMORPG.Social. Great if you want to see what all the buzz is about, or you’re looking for a conversation to join!
  • The Federated Timeline shows all toots from across the federated network. Although we try to manage it carefully, it can be a little bit chaotic there.
  • You can also click on a person’s name or avatar in any toot you see to find more about them, and maybe even give them a follow. This works for other people in our community and across the ‘fediverse’

On the left-hand side, above the toot box, is a search box. And above that is a quick-access menu for the Getting Started column, the Local Timeline, the Federated Timeline, your Preferences and settings, and the logout button.

Having problems? Send a toot to @Gazimoff or contact us, and we’ll do our best to help out!

Lite Mode

Besides the default interface, we also provide a ‘lite’ mode that’s cleaner and simpler to use. If you’re familiar with other social networks, this option will probably be a huge benefit to you. You can access lite mode by heading to and logging in with your username in the format You can still access both the Federated and Local timelines and access all the features you would normally.

Please note that Lite mode is currently in beta, and will change over time as we improve it based on your feedback.

Going Mobile

Now that you’ve got the hang of the basics, it’s time to take MMORPG.Social on the move! For Android phones we reccomend giving Mastalab a go, while for iPhones we suggest either Amaroq or Tootdon. These apps, or any of the others available, will mean that you can use all of the features of MMORPG.Social anywhere you’d like! It also means that you’ll get those glorious notifications whenever there’s something new for you to look at

That’s all we have for this Getting Started guide, but please contact us if you have any questions, or need any help.

Happy Tooting!